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Waterside Women

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"If we can't help, we will always find someone who can!"

About Us

We are an independent organisation run by volunteers, who are dedicated to supporting women of all ages and regardless of circumstances. 

Our volunteers are warm, friendly, approachable, and fully trained in supportive listening and can provide information on many topics.

Now in it's 40th year Chorley Women’s Centre has long been supporting and helping women find solutions to their problems, so that they can feel empowered to help themselves. We promote the mental health and wellbeing of all women, not only in Chorley, but in surrounding areas too. 

We provide a listening ear either on a one-to-one for more personal issues or we have a communal area where ladies can chat amongst themselves and discuss many topics from childcare to different coping skills, share ideas, engage in the centre activities or just to seek help or advise others on many issues or just sit and have a coffee or tea and a natter.

The centre offers numerous weekly, monthly, and daily activities. We offer a variety of informal and formal courses on different subjects when available. We offer relaxation sessions, colouring books, relaxing music, knit and natter sessions, crafty chat afternoons once a month, as well as free Yoga, healing, and massage sessions. 

We offer a secure, confidential environment where confidentiality and privacy are always respected. 

If we can't help, we will always find someone who can! 

You are welcome to call in, phone, email, fill in the contact us form or Facebook message us for further information.

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