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Counselling Services


Aside from our volunteers, we have an in-house counselling service. This is by appointment only and a fully qualified counsellor can be seen in a secure, confidential environment. 

The Counselling services we offer are free for those who have been affected by many aspects of their lives, such as relationships, family, work. The aim of counselling is to provide the client with a safe, secure, and confidential space where they can explore their difficulties with a fully qualified counsellor. 


At the centre we offer 3 counselling services:

General Counselling

General Counselling offers clients the opportunity to explore difficulties around a diverse range of issues such as: bereavement, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression.

For more information please contact:

01257 265342


Release Counselling

Release Counselling specialises in offering counselling to women and men affected by sexual abuse, rape, or sexual assault. Whether this is historic or current experience

For more information please contact:

07786 829126


Circle Counselling

Circle Counselling specialises in offering counselling to women, men, and children over the age of 13 affected by domestic violence or abuse recently or in the past.  Circle work in conjunction with the Women’s Centre and operate throughout the week, offering telephone and online counselling sessions.  

For more information please contact:

07810 308966

Click the link below to refer for Counselling

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